Sunday, January 11, 2009


I found this old Cage demo track on a tape a Queens homie made for me in 97. Not sure of the proper title, when it was recorded or who the producer was (Necro probably? Or maybe Godfather Don?). Although I'm sure it's floating around on some Stretch & Bobitto tapes. If you have any info, drop a comment.

Cage Demo


ononeharbinger said...

First off, the internet didn't mean shit to me before i found this blog,thank you.
I've been nothing but a Zshare bandit and since that broke, i guess i need to step it up.
Is rapid share something i should be a part of,
or if not how do i open .rar files?

Eons One said...

glad you're diggin the blog!

1. rapidshare is the shit. no pop ups, fast downloads, etc. well worth paying the $18 or so a month if you're into getting your fingers digi.

2. google "winrar" and download that bitch and install it. download the .rar, right click, extract and listen to some dusties.