Thursday, January 14, 2010


For those keeping track, I gave a brief mention of the Wreck Shop awhile back on here. During one of my trips there I picked up an unassuming graffiti video called Malicious Mischief put together by the TMF crew. Little did I know how much of an impact that tape would have on my friends and I for the years to come. After seeing all the East Coast folks in Video Graff, it was nice to see some of the home team shining through our cathode ray tubes. Eventually it seemed as if I was the only person in my circle who actually owned a copy of the tape and most people who had seen it had seen my copy. I'd always wanted to run a post on it here, but being the luddites we are, I had no idea how to convert my vhs tape to the interweb. One morning while hazily sipping coffee I got the bug up my ass to search for it on youtube. Of course it's on there, right? So I posted a clip on facebook to have my homie certone inform me "It's from your video!" So it's here that I present to you, the OG San Francisco graff video, MALICIOUS MISCHIEF (most of it, at least):

Nice intro montage of early-mid 90's Bay ish. These were the days, boyee! Seemed like the entire City looked like this. Then some mellow felon's let you follow them on a journey to play in the land of forgotten Munis. Peep the OG SF Derby.

Wim FSC drops some science on the art of letters. Nice montage, so much history there. Then, the highlight of the video, UFO and Bum bomb a freeway sign during the day. I remember seeing that run and then to see it being done, during the day, in the video blew me away. "To the extreme," as Bum puts it.

The format of the footage of Bum and UFO bombing with the interview audio going is really dope. "Making your mark on the system" in the spirit of Koch's famous flub. Then we have a production that really sums this scene in the 90's, which included Twist, Dean, Bisaro, Dug, KR, etc. Cypher interview with some bombing footage. "The new wave is old wave." Another montage, some BART lurking, etc. And then, that's it. At least that's all that certone has up. Hopefully we'll have a chance to up the remainder at some point in the future.

I should also mention that the original beats were provided by UFO. Years later I would buy a DJ Marz tape at Cue's that included those very same beats as well as a UFO penned cover.