Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I mentioned this briefly in last week's post and I finally got the master last night, uploaded it and now G.I. is off to SXSW! Enjoy and feel free to respost:
Some point and time around Summer 2009: Earlier in the year I had just been mowed down by a lady driving a brand new Infinity while I was riding my bicycle to work. I sustained a broken elbow, which meant I could not work and the next few months would be consumed with physical therapy, surgery and more physical therapy. I was unable to DJ, unable to play shows and was essentially going insane having been deprived of ability to create noise, an obsession that is typically insatiable even with two good elbows. I had a lot of time on my hands and not much to do. I got my cannabis prescription. I reunited with my homie MC Stinkweed who I had previously worked with in the Shadow People and Shed Dwellaz and introduced him to Luke Sick. Stinkweed was out of work and Luke was working part time so my house became the weekday hangout spot. One day we entered the studio and emerged with “Brain Exploder” which served as the catalyst for this comp. I hit up some of my beat making homies (T.C. Bonelocs and G-Pek) to see if they were down to contribute a couple beats with the plan being to record and release a compilation as cheaply as possible and give it away for free. I invited a bunch of MC’s to come through and rip the tracks and the result is what you are now listening to. Of course, nothing is easy. During the course of the project the motherboard in my Mac needed to be replaced, the hard drive with all the sessions on it crashed and the data needed to be retrieved and two of the MC’s featured were locked up (Tizoe DaVinci is still locked down as I type. Keep your head up homie!). So enjoy and feel free to share this with all your friends. I ended up putting a lot more time and money into this than I planned but the original intent was to give it away for free and that’s just what we fin to do!
Aight chill,
DJ Eons One
625/ UM/ AS/ Gurp City

Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's no secret the blog has been mad slow with the updates recently. For a minute we were able to hold down a weekly post, but that seems like ages ago. I feel like we straight up fell off on posting. Truth be told, Smooth Triumph and I have been pretty busy putting together the latest Grand Invincible
album, "Cold Hand In The Dice Game" which is available now from ZeroFriends. We also put together a limited collector pack for the ultra nerds which you can get here. The video above is one of the songs off the new album. We've also been working hard on the forthcoming "Low Budget / No Budget" compilation which will be available for free download very soon. Stay tuned!

I also wanted to drop links to stuff a few of our rellies have been working on. 2010 we fin to give y'all a dose of the mega-flex:

Eddie K just dropped a new album called "Future Spit" which is available through Gurp City Digital. Grab it here.

The Machete Vox crew just released a new Z-Man ep for FREE called "Show up, Shut Up and Rap". It should also be noted that Eddie Def scratches on 3 of the tracks! Errry!

Gus Cutty of the mighty Fist Fam has also unleashed a new blog aimed at collecting all press releases, show announcements, etc. from our growing crew of Bay Area DIY hip hop groups. Simple and straightforward, I suggest bookmarking it for future reference. Gus also promises to get a podcast up and running ASAP. Check it out: fogbreaks.com

Bay Area refugee TopR Holiday now resides in North Carolina where he has found a new podium for his drunken philosophizing. Once again teaming up with partner Foul Mouth Jerk, the two MCs and a myriad of guests talk about whatever the fuck pops into their head on their weekly Worst Case Scenario radio show on Ashville FM. Check em out here.

And lastly, long time college radio DJ and ROBME supporter Japanic now has a page set up to archive past radio shows. He's got a killer Spiderman tribute mix he put together up right now. http://soundcloud.com/japanic