Thursday, July 31, 2008


I usually don’t follow what’s going on at Stones Throw that much these days. Too many Madlib remixes, too much Dilla beat recycling, etc. But after clicking a link on Whatupthough to check out the ridiculous Madvillian remix/reissue, I spotted their latest podcast – a PBWolf mix of early hip hop that is NOT from NY. “Hear No Evil” already covered NY, so PBWolf delves waaay deeper into the crates to bring you gems like Mr. Fresh and Master TMD from Oakland and Junior Cardone and Chris Cut from San Jose. And unlike Ivory’s mix, you get a tracklist. Peep it.

Monday, July 28, 2008


It's been a minute, time to do some laundry. Smooth Triumph hooked up this dope ass Gurp City instore at Rasputin's in Mountain View on August 22nd. If you are in the area be sure to juice up your ultras and strike through. Big ups Matt Loomis who killed it with the flier.
We've also been busy putting together the Grand Invincible - Purse Thieves b/w Elephant Tranq 12" which will be the first music release from the Zero Friends collective. Props to Lord Quake for making it happen. Stay tuned.
My boy Imhotep started a new blog geared towards the loud and ugly side of punk rock, hardcore, metal and lo-fi weirdness. Peep Mummified Transmissions.

Smooth Triumph and I have some good eats stewing in the olde dusty crockpot but you know how long those things take to cook shit. That's right, we're moving at the speed of a crockpot. Our gravy moves 1/4" a day. Sure you have to wait, but this shit is gonna stick to your ribs when it's done.

Ripped Open Mixtape #2