Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I mentioned this record in INFLATION OF POCKSECTOMY, so I figured it was only right to let you scabby-headed arcade orphans hear it. I couldn't believe a dude from San Jo got signed to Luke Skyywalker Records back then. This is actually the b-side to the "Just Rock" 12" released in 1987. It was a trip, 2 Live Crew, DJ KJ & MC Kooley C, MC Shy D, LeJuan Love, JDC, Anquette, Ghetto Style DJs, and a gold-and-cameo-cut rockin' G from the eastside of the 408 named M.C. Twist and don't forget the DEF SQUAD. Who would of thunk it? How did his demo get into Luther Campbell's hands back then? I'd love to hear that story. "I Like It Loud" was also on Twist's album, "Comin' Thru Like Warriors" (Skyywalker, 1989). Another 12" off that album was "Shock The House," which gives credibility to my "San Jo's shockin'" commentary from a previous blog. I was never really into the song "Just Rock," but actually my homie DJ Quest has been playing it out lately and when drunk I enjoy it, and enjoy stumping fools when they don't know who it is... got you Brandon B. Also... DJ 2 Fresh used "I Like It Loud" as the intro to his legendary "Human 4-Track" mixtape (soon to be posted here I'm sure).

"Panty-spankin', volume-crankin', so that my cuts... can be heard!" If you'd listen to that MCs of Rap song (below) again, you'll hear them say, "We're not from New York or Northern California," okay maybe they say, "We're not from New York; we're not from California," whatever. It still kinda cosigns the notion (if you squint just right) that heads from Miami were hip to what was up in the Bay even way back then, kinda, right? I mean, it's not like they said L.A. or Philly, so fuck it I'm building on the myth. It WAS literally shocking though back in '87, man. I was still buggin' off how Shy D's "Gotta Be Tough" always got all the girlies to smurf and do the Guess and shit, and then bam! The next thing I find from the Miami label is right in my own backyard. Talk about a trip to the fuckin' brain, ese. How will I laugh tomorrow when I can't even smile today, Mike Muir.

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Cizzler said...

I remember he had a song where they cut up "Do You Know The Way To San Jose?". I thought that was the illest shit when I heard that back in the day.