Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This record is all a soul needs. 808 with liberal use of the signature handclap? Check. Guitar stab to scratch? Check. "Ahh, that stuff is really fresh" scratch? Check. "Catch A Groove" wrap-around cut? Check. And, fuck it, how about a Prince record for the outro? Check. Cut Master Cox had all the necessities and none of the fat when he left the house for Miami's Sound International studios that day way back in, I'm guessing, 1988, '87? Whenever. That accapella cut of the guitar stab right before the end of the song should be in a hall of fame somewhere.

Though Dandy D earned the title-lyric spot for the end of his verse, he really shines when he's backing up Cool C.P.'s verses. His "See it must come down," "middle-aged" and gravely "Nahh--ow" in the first verse alone display harmonious b-boyism at it's finest. A possible predecessor to Eazy E and Ron-De-Vu's duets. Speaking of lyrics: "We came to dominate, to intimidate, so participate, as we illustrate... we're gonna to illa-, partissa-, intima-, and domi- nate... you!" is GENIUS!... if they had used words that actually ended in the "-nate' sound, like say germinate, exterminate, or vaccinate, it would have sucked, but the way they got it is sheer genius! So is naming your label "Rap" Records with a silhouetted Run-DMC logo and calling your group MCs of Rap. That's what I'm fuckin' talkin' about!

Rap Records put out at least 4 other records by MCs of Rap according to Vol. 1 of Freddy Fresh's book, but this one wasn't in it. Once again maybe it came out later than I thought. Shout outs to 2 Live Crew, Ghetto Style DJs, Mantronix, Shy D, Fresh Kid Ice, 139th St. Posse, etc. are kinda sick too. Somebody should cover this pronto, Tonto... jump on it!

MC's of Rap - Domination

MC's of Rap - Domination (inst)

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ononeharbinger said...

I saw you talking bout needing yer props.
And if this download that's going on right now goes through props shouldn't ever be an issue for you here.
Just the written material gives me the feeling of jackpot.
Tracks too?
i oooze gratitude.