Thursday, March 12, 2009


I found this going through some boxes in my garage looking for old radio show tapes. It's a business card from the early 90's for a little graff shop that was run out of a small window in the back of what would now be considered a hip hop shop (tapes, leather caps, beepers, incense, etc). Not gonna say who ran it, but real heads will be able to tell from the card. First time we rolled through I remember catching some tips, an ultra, a copy of Skills and the Battle Breaks record. The store was short lived and the location is currently a drapes shop.

I've blessed ya'll with a bunch of treats this past week. Positive or negative, comments are appreciated and encourage us to keep working on this shit. If you are digging what we do, let us know.


schultz said...

Sorry about your elbow.
Thanks for all the posts you're doing!
That "EPA's parental advisory" was genius.

Anonymous said...

you said to let you know if i dig what you do. i do. so now you know. don't stop.

Eons One said...

right on, thanks for the props. i'll get some more stuff up before the week is done.

Anonymous said...

Eons, the great grand invincible lead me to this blog and its been a wonderfully nostalgic vacation from the stuff on my itunes. and the over hyped other stuff on other blogs. thanks for being an archivist, and esp. on the more obscure 90's tip thats my favy shit in all music so thanks.

mike said...

i dont know if this was the same one, but i remember going to a hip hop shop back in the early 90's in the outer mission that was ran in the back of a flower shop?