Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Second episode. Eons on the tables and Luke gets down with the Realistic talk box with the wood paneling. Once again, the selections are bonkers. No one called in and won the contest for the life-size Diamond Shell cardboard stand up. We gotta check these phonelines. Better luck next week!

Ripped Open Radio #2

1. Beatnuts - "Get Funky" (remix)
2. P Bros. feat Sadat X and Money Boss - "Come on Down"
3. Stetsasonic "Sally"
4. Scotty Luv- Cold Rocking It
5. I walk on gilded splinters
6. CPO- Ren's Rhythm
7. Ed O.G. - Sayin' Something
8. Ice T - "Hunted Child" Remix
9. KNT "Cycles"
10. Arsonists "Halloween"
11. Shyheim "Five Elements" feat. Rubbabandz, Pop the Brown Hornet, Downlowreka, Junelover
12. Royal Flush "Worldwide"
13. Gil Scott Heron- "Angel Dust"
14. Freestyle Professors- Grit Dat Grime
15. Spice 1- 187 Proof part II
16. DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip- "Time to Rhyme"
17. Black Sheep "Still in the Ghetto"
18. Tragedy- Iron Sheiks beat


schultzzz said...

thanks for the hits!

ApocalypseWestCoast said...

Damn Man...
I've had that BIG TWINS "Grimey Collection" for a minute and everybody I've been telling about it looks at me like I'm crazy. But that first joint when he says
"Uptown coppin' haze, A nigga stay piffed out, Yeah I'm a knucklehead, Stay with a big mouth."
You gotta be happy when that shit comes on.
QB is some dynamite!
And yo these ROB-ME mixtapes are bad as fuck dude. Thanks