Sunday, December 14, 2008


I ripped this tape awhile ago and lagged on putting it up here and then a few weeks ago I saw it up on blog I've been visiting called Recordz On Wheelz. Fuck it. This is my own rip plus I got the fresh cover and label scans. I don't think I really need to type any more about just how dope Rob One was with the conceptual mixtapes. He really kills it here with the porn theme by including photos of his historic meeting of 80's porn icon Keisha, strip club field recordings, stripper drops, various Keisha dialog, etc. I'm more of a Christy Canyon fan myself but regardless of who your favorite star was, Rob's tape will take you back to the days of giant VHS boxes and those huge plastic trays the tapes sat in. Back when if you wanted to get your nut off watching some porn you had to actually put in some work (steal, borrow or actually go to the adult bookstore to cop your shit), instead of logging on and jerking off. From breakbeats to porno, kids today have it too damn easy.
DJ Rob One Meats Keisha


Jaz said...

Props for this, maybe this post should come with an R I am not serious, RIP Rob One

Andy Rector said...

This is so ill to get these Rob One tapes mang....g-g-g-g-ood lookin out!!!! In this era I was always livin just out range of this shit, or just missing it, so I been waiting to hear these Rob tapes for ever. It's a shame when someone gets ossified into "just a legend" - to hear the man puttin in work is beautiful...Gracious for real. Legendary justness, you!


Eons One said...

It's fucking sad that the only way Rob's mixtape legacy will live on is through blogs like these, forums, etc. Dude was a genius with the turns and the 4 track.

DJ DESTROY said...

Thanks for all the great uncle would love it..RIP ROBERT.