Sunday, November 18, 2007


The bathroom at my house was being remodeled for the past six weeks. I had no shower and had to shit in a port-o-potty in my drive way. The side of my house that the port-o-potty sat on gets direct sunlight for a majority of the day. Shit was definitely not pleasant! My studio was sealed off with plastic and almost everything else in the house was stashed away or covered up in one form or another. Having my house in such disarray pretty much killed any creative urges I got during the last month and I really slacked off on pretty much everything and just tried to maintain sanity. They finally finished work on it last week. The same day they put my toilet back I retreated to the lab and put a real nice beat together like it was nothing.

In the meantime, Luke Sick and I have been putting the finishing touches on the first Grand Invincible album, "Ask the Dust", Jake Won and I are working on putting together a new podcast-style mix show, and Funeral Shock is working on a new self released 4 song 7" that will come out early next year.

Since I haven't posted in a bit I'll drop this megamix 12" I picked on a weekend dig a few weeks back.
Juanito and DJ EFX worship at the altar of "Planet Rock" circa 1989. Props to Uncle Enrique!
Juanito (FX) - Don't Stop The Mix b/w Cold In Effect, Sound EFX Recordings, 1989

Don't Stop The Mix

Cold In Effect

UP NEXT: A look back at Cue's Hip Hop Shop with DJ Cue

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