Monday, November 3, 2008


Looks like all the links on here are dead after Zshare's crash a week or so ago. My original plan was to reup all the dead links when we reached 10K hits, but at this point I have neither the time or the patience to re-up the entire blog. If there's a post you missed out on and you want to request a re-up, post a comment and I'll get to those first.

KRS One - Ah Yeah (Diamond D Remix)


topper said...

Thats one of my favorite KRS songs ever... do you have the original mix from the black panthers sound track? Its different then this or the album version and its dooooooope. I reference this song on Dead Presidents of my Legalize Murder album. Ah Yeah.

Eons One said...

This version is from 12" from the Panter soundtrack. There's a Frontpage music 12" version of this track which I think is the version you're thinking of (I remember having it on a DJ Tim tape). His last verse on this version is totally different from the album version. Real dope.

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