Saturday, November 29, 2008


I think I first heard this at a party out in the North Bay. My homies out there always copped all the new mixtapes so every time I would trek up there to paint, I'd bring a few blanks and try to dub a couple while fools were sleeping off the night before. Apollo's "West Coast Gangsta Funk" was one that I was never able to secure a dub of, but knew it very well due to it's constant burn at crew functions. Eventually I stumbled across a copy (complete with the dope ass Dug One j-card) years later at Cue's. To this day I still get pumped hearing Apollo drop E40's "Practice Looking Hard" acapella over the GLP LP intro. That is some bay shit right there.

Side A

Side B


2BIG said...

This is the shit

schultzzz said...

Hi Eon! I heard about ROBME from, uh, COSMIC HEARSE and this shit is blowing my mind - I've been looking for this kind of blog for a long time but couldn't find it. I been digitizing my old hip-hop radio tapes too, plus salsa and doo-wop radio tapes, but damn. You're on some other level shit!

Keep housing things!