Sunday, November 16, 2008


Here's a nice megamix from 1988 on Megajamm Recordz by the mysterious "DJ Prince Ice". My money's on Prince Ice being fake name so King Tech and his homies (Mark 5 who produced a grip of tracks on Dre Dog's "I Hate You With a Passion" album and Big Ed who has a pretty eclectic resume) wouldn't get sued for pillaging all the tracks necessary to make "Dopemix Vol. 1". What sets this mix apart from other megamixes of the time is the sheer amount of scratching. This ain't no Latin Rascals tape splicing mix here, this is real DJs cutting wax over an unwavering 808 pattern. While it does include many megamix staples "Prince Ice" gets some dirt under his nails dropping snippets of Ice T's "Colors" and G Rap's "Poison". There is a distinct Bay Area sound to this mix that many listeners outside the 415 (I'm talking pre 510) may not catch. File this one next to your Flynamic Force and In-A-Minute Records.

Dopemix Vol. 1


Concizzle said...

EXACTLY!!! Prince Ice used to kill the multi-track mixes back in the days on KMEL. I still remember "Funky Child" over "Off & ON" with another accapella over it. Him and Kenny Dope were the the multi-track mix master. YES... I AM A NERD.

Scratchmix said...
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Scratchmix said...

Hey Dj prince Ice is real, I personaly know him. He did his mixes on reel to reel tapes like his hero's the latin rascles. He recorded on reel to reel his scratches over the tracks then sliced the tape up. Did you know he made a Dope mix vol.3 but never released it because the sampling issues started. I have a copy of it. Prince Ice is a family man and works in LA for a major music label, thats where in the world he is now. There is also another dj calling himself Prince Ice from carolina but its not the same guy. Peace