Sunday, October 5, 2008


Before he was known for wearing wrestling masks and hanging with Kool Keith, Kutmasta Kurt was known to all real heads in the broadcast range of 90.1 FM KZSU's signal as the man helming the click clack in Kevvy Kev's Drum Posse. I've discussed the importance of these Drum tapes before and I was lucky to recently come across this tape still intact. Kurt kills it during these these 40+ minutes, dropping seldom heard gems like Ghetto Philharmonic's "Don't Bite the Concept", Troubleneck Brothers' "Back to the Hip Hop" and San Jo's own 10Bass T. Kurt also drops live remixes of "Crooklyn" and "Hip Hop vs. Rap". I never had the clear head or fore site to date any of these tapes, but judging by the records Kurt is playing, I'm guessing this is late 1994. Gut a Jewel, set the Wayback Machine for the parking lot of Memorial Hall, 1994 and click the link.

Kutmasta Kurt on The Drum

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CBloom said...

damn, very dope. site has been killin it consistently.

on another note, looking forward to the 22nd and actually meeting you. that and copping doubles, drinks and purse thieves.