Monday, October 20, 2008


I’m pretty sure whoever played the keyboard chimes on the chorus for this one was drunk. That shit is like three-wheel motion on a u-turn, spillin’ So Co and orange Fanta out your Solo cup onto your black Bart Simpson XXXL, trying to re-position your leather Africa medallion over the stain so it doesn't show.

Street Art Records was a subsidiary of Miami’s Hot Productions (Hot Associated Labels) that released only about a dozen records in the late-80’s; its most notable release was probably the first issue of L’Trimm’s 'Cars With The Boom.’ ‘Grand Force b/w Grand Bass’ by Grand Force Posse in 1987 was their first release ever. Welcome to bassland! Sorry about the skip in the second half of the instrumental. You should have seen how warped this plate was! The stylus at Eons’ looked like it was riding the Big Dipper at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Trust me, you don't need to throw a hissy-fit over this one minor flaw, 'cause every house party I ever went to at least one record skipped, and I'd much rather be listening to this at a house party then on a lonely iPod, sittin' on the train on my way to my dead-end job. So, GET IN THE ZONE, little homies! Like Damone said in
Fast Times, "It's all about the attitude, Rat."

Grand Force Posse - Grand Force

Grand Force Posse - Grand Bass


SergDun said...

man do any of these zshare links work? zshare's been fucked up for weeks

Eons One said...

Looks like everything is dead except for that Rob One on The Drum post. Fucking zhsare. Time to move on I guess.