Monday, November 30, 2009


At the urging of Smooth Triumph, I've vowed to only post 12" rips till 2010. Let's go back to 1997 with one of my all time favorite MC's: the God, Percy Chapman aka Tragedy Khadafi. The Iron Sheiks 12" served both as vehicle to get some Noreaga disses into the hands of mixtape djs as well as an introduction to Trag's next QB protege, Imam T.H.U.G. "Allumaniti" is pure grimey 90's perfection, just listen to that fucking snare! Could it get anymore desparate? Imam comes nice with his on what I believe is his vinyl debut. But it's a pissed off and mad hungry Foul Mahdi who devours the beat, giving a diamond encrusted, J.G. Ballard style glimpse into the future as only Khadafi could. "True Confessions" brightens things up about .2% with it's r&b hook, but it's still winter 365 as far as the Iron Sheiks are concerned. Imam disses the shit out of Noreaga while Tragedy kicks more of his illuminati hologram shit with a fiery helping of religious imagery. I'm gonna guess Tragedy produced both of these. The flipside has a bunch of mixtape stuff: Tony Touch, 25 and Bad Boy on a DJ Clue freestyle, but the real winner is the gutter as fuck 914 freestyle that sounds like it was recorded on a 4 track that had been left out in the snow for a week straight. I think MC Stinkweed put this track on every mix he made at my house for a couple years straight. "That track with all the barking, kid!"



Todd said...

"N- Yeah, Tragedy’s burning, too.
EVERYONE- Oooooohhhh.....
N- In the mouth. [laughter] He gives head to syphilis.
LSD- How did he go from “Arrest the President” to “T.O.N.Y.”--
N- Because I gave him the name Kadafi, that’s why. And he’s a faggot. And he’s gay.
And he smokes crack.
S- And he’s old as fuck!
N- He’s 37."

Eons One said...

Ah yes, the infamous Life Sucks Die interview.

"Off the Yelzebub"

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Drasar Monumental said...

Good post...I think Ayatollah produced " True Confessions ".....Anyway, the blog is fresh, keep it poppin.....