Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My old school homie Arthur Groom hit me about some open KZSU spots a couple months ago and I managed to get two Sunday slots. I did a metal show for one (archive here) and Smooth Triumph and I did the 3rd installment of Ripped Open Radio for the other one. Outside of the danked confines of 66.6FM KOLD's studios, we were forced to play it cool, PSA's and all. The sound of rugged drums and street raps will always draw the most scrutiny from radio station personnel and this day was no exception. Once again we were, as Prodigy put it, "too hoodied to conform to the program." Squares just can't hang. I was also nursing one of my worst hangovers in recent memory. The last thing I remember from the night before was filling up keg cups and throwing them at The Feldmans while they were playing at Leech's wedding. This is Part 1 of the show. Sound quality here is pretty rough, but it ends up working in our favor. Even though we recorded this a month ago, it sounds like it's a 3rd generation dub from the 90's. Part 2 (aka side 2) and full playlist up next.



THRIPS said...

oh woah, i stumbled onto this page by accident. What'sup eons. you shoulda came to day two of illfest!

Ruestar said...

Uh, does Q Ball shout out Milkbone? That's tight.