Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is a guest post from our cohort out in Chico, CA, Hardcore Jerry (AKA Heathakilla)... the man is simply an excavator extrordinaire! Reap the junk whirlwind! Oh, yeah and this is one in a series of three, so be checkin' for the next two, yo...

i went to oroville today and bought some records. i did better then last time, which was the time i copped the kimmy fresh and the people cassette that white$auce was rolling with at the farewell to the ranch party, and the sound effects record that steel pole bath tub ripped off (or was it a tribute) the cover for a miracle of sound in motion. the best part of oroville though was stopping by a yard sale in the historic looking part near downtown and looking at some of the remarkable things that were for sale. including a amateur's framed "painting"(one or two colors, maybe pen, i was embarrassed to look too close) of a girl in a bustier with her nipples exposed. likely a vehicle to get the "model" undressed. and a a-frame bar sidewalk chalk board sign that still had st. patrick's day drink specials chalked on it. i was told the good stuff is up in the yard, where a teenager was selling off some of his bebee guns, baseball cards, and knives. the topic of conversation in the yard was how good something he was selling, that i couldn't see, would be to beat somebody up with. as i left empty handed i noticed two large ladies in a nearby apartment chatting, observing the yard sale, and keeping watch over there young kids. it looked like they were about ready for refills on their quarts of miller high-life. it was about nine in the morning. oroville is pretty fucking real. i haven't checked many of the records yet but i got: -i'm ready by kano for about 40 cents (and some other promising looking disco)-lyn christopher for a dollar at thrift mart. that place is fucking raw...thrift store slash food that fell off trucks market. i wanted to go to the soul food place across the street but was scared by the proximity and the 99 cent special advertised in the window. -and a hopefully better copy of the willis alan ramsey lp i already have and like-no rap, but a couple of things that look really good even though i haven't listened yet. i'll try to get a couple of mp3's up of some of the highlightsnext bluff(?)

here are a couple of disco mixes i couldn't find anything out about on google. there is quite a bit of surface noise on each of them which just makes me think about how ugly a oroville disco party could get. one is labeled fusion disco. i'm not sure if it is related to the fusion record label in sf because i also found the menergy 12 inch on that label.

the other is labeled hollywood disco sound and is mixed by ben and benny.

i think these are kind of cool just to hear what the pre rap dj's were doing. other then that though disco isn't really my thing.

there is some info about these on discogs, but it won't tell you about the sweet grandma who sold them to me in the shop where "we like loitering" and encouraged it by offering cold water to drink and a thomas kinkade puzzle to work on.

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