Friday, May 22, 2009


Debut of the new Ripped Open podcast. Recorded live in the Invincible Lab - runnin' rickety offa some scratchy records, shitty cables and a Ball jar of sativa. Broadcasting on 66.6FM, it's KOLD Radio. Since our limited broadcasting range only reaches a few feet outside of the Buddha Chamber, we present y'all with an archive of the inaugural show in mp3 format. Tune in next week to win a Royal Fam slipmat!

Ripped Open Radio #1


1. Agentstriknine "Ditch 'em, Diss, & Dismiss 'em"
2. 3rd BASS "3 Strikes 5000" (SD50 Bonus Beats)
3. Conspiracy Music "Slippin' Into Darkness" Feat. Tupac??? that's what the label says
5. Grandaddy IU "Pick Up The Pace"
6. Mystidious Misfits "I Be" (Digga remix)
7. CPO "The Movement" (Remix)
8. Stark Reality "Shooting Stars"
9. Monty Alexander "Love & Happiness"
10. The Navy "Port Authority Bus Blues"
11. Hugh EMC & DJ X1 "Gangsta-matic"
12. Double X Posse "The Headcracker" (remix)
13. Trigga Da Gambla feat. DV Alias Christ "Hit Man For Hire"
14. some BoB James space shit


gooniestorm said...

right on, what a good idea. i'll listen to this while i'm trying to stay awake at work tonight.
i'm doing an internet radio show out of laney college now, check it out at...

Anonymous said...

Whats ups we're ripped open cheerleading, metal pom poms, iron jaw, cunts wide and stoked your doing a pod cast. Check out our new rap group RUN DMT but you cant hear it unless you pop a few, and heads up for the vanishing indigenous people AKA VIP. Keep the flow up on this site, 13 followers : best taste on the net. Love, alia and cure8

CBloom said...

good shit. always pumped to see stuff I haven't heard.

ononeharbinger said...

Im already knowin this is gonna be good stuff.

Ripped Open opened my eyes to the blogger world and its wealth of tight shit.

You always remember yer first.

Thank you.

Smooth Triumph said...

that Hugh E. MC is "H-Nigga Groove" and not "Gangstamatic" BTW