Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Megamix live on the radio Fall of Twenty-One-Omega courtesy of DJ CIKEE & KPFA's (Berkeley) annual fundraiser.
Mission Cartel (DJs Quest (BPSH) & 2 Fresh) is joined by SF's DJ B-Cause for an hour & 15 minutes of the future funk, great hip-hop, enjoy it burnouts! And find more of the like at
(peep the player in the middle of the page)
and download the radio show here:
Photos (from top to bottom):
DJ 2 Fresh gets biz on a serious stack
DJ Quest: Scratch Innovator
Mixmaster DJ B. Cause


beatjunkie299 said...

For some reason the link is not loading up, it just stays at "processing download request" and nothing happens.
Looking forward to listening to this.
Thanks in advance and props on the blog as well.

Smooth Triumph said...

please keep trying mediafire can be a hassle, especially if you have a mac... but I swear it is there

beatjunkie299 said...

Cool, it worked today!!!!!!
Thanks again.

Japanic said...

I was tuned in to KPFA that evening. Too Tough!