Sunday, November 14, 2010


This tape was recorded by DJ, MC, cratediggin' beatmaker, graff writer, and all-around hip-hopper SYZE ONE in 1996 and stylishly labeled using white-out and black Sharpie.  Syze hails from Hawaii, but he lived in SF in 1997 and that's when he gave me this jewel filled with blends, beats he made, and his crew's own demo songs, back when your mix tape actually had to be mixed and not just hosted by DJ Annoying-voice.  Syze did it all.  His group was the Hoomanakaz and he repped the Hi-State Crew.  He had a homie named Mr. E who was equally adept with the beats and rhymes.  I also remember him mentioning an affiliation with House of Repz that were signed to Duck Down for a while (they may still be, I haven't been keeping tabs).  Enjoy the snippets in all their 4-track glory.

beats&pieces 1


misterone said...

Thanks for the nod, seems like forever ago when I made that tape. Small correction... The track labelled "laboratory/hoomanakaz" is actually called "Rhymes in Rare Form" by Rare Form (Syze One & Mr.E) originally appeared on a dirt-hustled cassette entitled, "Applied Syenze" 60-minute tape with cover art by HIʻs own KATCH ONE. If you frequented most SF City/Telegraph Berkeley mom & pop stores btwn 96-98, you mightʻve caught that tape. Still get a few random requests out the woodwork for that one, along with the OG Spice Rack ʻ96 Beats tape.

Smooth Triumph said...

I remember both those tapes SYZE! And better yet I've seen em at DJ Quest's lab in his tape rack. You might see those get some shine on here as well. Can't stop, won't stop, bump SYZE ONE!! thanks for the music and the memories man, Luke Sick

Mean Gene said...

@ Luke Sick, would it be possible to get a rip uploaded of that "Spice Rack" tape, I lost that one years of my all time faves. I met you by the way back in 1998 at a show, we hung out and freestyled haha.

Anonymous said...

Yo is there any chance of me being able to get in contact with Syze-One .
Im looking to try & get some of his work pressed onto some limited Vinyl release.
This is very very very dope & alot of heads just went nuts when i shared it on Crackbook .
If anyone can help out with any info regarding that would be dope.
Email is
& facebook is Kell BC .

Peace to ripped open for shedding light & whoever else was involved on ripping the tape... major major props guys.