Monday, August 2, 2010


Dear Grimies, Crimies and Burnouts:

Here’s two mixes I made when preparing for RPM at Mardi Gras (the monthly EONS ONE has held down in Redwood City since the start of this year). I can’t mix records, but he invited me play my records at his b-day party in Feb. and at the Black Stamp vs. Spareorgan show in June and this is what I pulled out. You’ll notice that BOOZEKILLER is quite a bit shorter and ends in a very predictable, almost to the verge of mind-crippling disappointment, fashion, much like many a recent night of drinking for this old bingemeister. The difference is I was already drunk when I started BOOZEKILLER, and I kicked off GRIMEBUILDER by sparking an L of Casey Jones grinded with Candy Purple, so it turned into the type of songs that I like to flip a razorblade from beneath my tongue, catch it between my teeth and smile at high school girls on Caltrain to and then it gets surprisingly nostalgic, then slightly rare, then commonly nostalgic, and then… Wayne Wonder starts singing… and yer like, “Prop 215 is turnin’ Californians fucking retarded, yo…” What can I say? “My mind be seein’ crazy visions and goin’ on mad journeys when I’m keefy, ock.” Personally, if I was piffy and came across it, I’d download it for the Mr. Supreme beats alone, if I didn’t already have the record.

I know me and EONS been in deep isolation this spring and summer, but hopefully the reasons for that will make the high-ate-us seem worth it very soon. But anyway, I’mma try an’ keep shit movin’ on ROBME again. A rare 90’s tape from the NorCalifornian Coast up soon and other gems, so stay tuned. I hope you enjoy listening to the records, ‘cause it’s all I ever wanna do anymore.




So Wassup – Gangstarr

Gab Gotcha featuring JuJu of Beatnuts – Angels

Gravediggaz – Freak the Sorceress

DJ Quest featuring Eddie K – Let The Bass Go (Slow N Sick)

Godfather Don – Properties of the Steel [Cut up by DJ Premier]

Brainsick Mob – Mixmaster [Cut up by DJ Premier]

Gravediggaz – The Reincarnation of Freud

Nat The Cat – While You’ve Been Waiting

Dark Sun Riders – Time To Build

Crimson League – One Time

2 Live Crew – Ghetto Bass

Public Enemy - Get the Fuck Outta Dodge

Chrome Kidz – Livin’ My Life

Mr. Supreme – Bonus Beat #3

Krumbsnatcha – Strike Back (Closer to God Pt. II)

Cella Dwellas – Good Dwellas

Rakim – Uplift

Anything Goes – CNN, Wayne Wonder, Lexxus

Cash Money and Marvelous – Ugly People Be Quiet

QB Finest – Da Bridge 2001 (instrumental)

Screwball – Cookies-N-Cream

2 Live Crew – Trow The D


Booker T & The MGs – Summertime

20th Century Steel Band – Revival

Bad Brains – I Luv I Jah

3rd Bass – Jim Backus Flippin Off the Wall Like Lucy Ball

Volume 10 – Where’s The Sniper?

Lord Sear – Alcoholic Vibes

Alkaholiks – AA Meeting Intro & Likwidation

Schoolly D – Saturday Night

Lord Digga – Crazy Drunken Style

Alkaholiks - Only When I’m Drunk

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