Sunday, December 27, 2009


Here’s a non-progressive, retroactive, radio-style mix from our friends over at Megakut. What’s impressive is that it captures the vintage sound quality that was signature for the time period. When people, not directly involved in the scene that created it, first experienced this “electro-megamix-style-rap” music back in the late-80’s it was usually via some radio station that you could barely tune in or off a seventh-generation cassette of the same radio show. This is getting closer and closer to how it was. You just turned it up loud and listened to the bass! Sound like a weak excuse for having fucked up records? You may be right, Fletch. If you were born after ’79, it probably can’t help but sound fucked up. Not my problem, you need to obey the Mistress of Boom and just "Let It Go".


THE UNKNOWN DJ—“808 BEATS (club mix)”—Techno Hop—Produced by Andre Manuel

MCS OF RAP—“THIS IS THE JAM”—Rap Records—Produced by DJ Cox and Cool CP

YOLE BOYS—“SPREAD THOSE CHEEKS”—Megakut—Produced by Fatees

KYNA ANTEE (AKA THE MISTRESS)—“LET IT GO”—Techno Kut—Produced by Unknown DJ and Arabian Prince

DJ BATTERY BRAIN—“808 VOLT MIX”—Techno Hop—Produced by Unknown

DJ SLICE & KOOL ROCK JAY—“SLICE IT UP”—Dunk Yer Funk—Produced by L. Ramsey & M. Brown

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fuck this is genius...