Thursday, October 29, 2009


Fresh off the hella fresh Questolous cd:

DJ Quest is the dopest hip-hop DJ ever born. I saw him two Saturdays ago on Oct. 17th DJing for TopR, proving that he is the last master of the scratch showcase routine right in the middle of TopR's set (props to Topski for givin' my man the much deserved light!). Why'd the rest of you scratch DJs stop doing that shit? Got tired of practicing for DMCs and started playing dubstep, huh? Y'all should take some advice from Gingerbread Man's record company and: Don't Fall Off! Long Live Bulletproof Scratch!


gooniestorm said...

fuck yeah. i am honored to have performed with the man on 2 separate occasions.. i think the fact he's hella down to do improvised textural noise scratching with a hardcore band says alot about how amazing and versatile this dude is..

schultzzz said...

HA! I watched this three times this week. Thanks for posting.

Hey I done geeked out and uploaded my top ten best/ worst Ice Cube lyrics on the link by my name. Any thoughts? "just becuase he's got a BADGE, he thinks Ice Cube is gonna wave the white . . . .fladge??"

Also, I just saw Max at the CONQUEST FOR DEATH show last night in Tokyo.
Small world!

Anonymous said...

a lot of dubstep DJs suck anyway so whats the diff?
i really like this track and esp. the part in the video w/the hammer to the table, good call. - alia