Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Those who know me know how much of a Godfather Don fan I am. From his incorporation of black metal imagery into his logo to his hand in reinvigorating a stagnant MC's Ultra through his MPC 60 - in my opionion, Don is one of the best producers on the mic and one of the best mc's to tap out a sequence. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this Scaramanga 12" from 1999 that features two exclusive Godfather Don productions on the B side. I have had the Scaramanga LP and Special EFX 12" for awhile but somehow the "Mind I.C. Mine" 12" stayed off my radar up until a month ago. I'll assume you all have peeped the Scaramanga LP already which has a few Don productions on it, so we'll jump to the tracks exclusive to this 12". "Suga 99 (Remix)" is (obviously) a Godfather Don remix of Manga's own version from the LP. I swear this beat is on a Hydrabeats LP. Don organizes some bells and strings to levitate around some heavy drums, clearing a path for Menelik's chrome alien word association. "Group War 2000" is the real treat which features both production and a guest verse from Don.


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