Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I remember getting a phone call from someone at Point Blank magazine who had discovered my info from a failed attempt I had made ordering a Project Blowed cassette. This was late 94-95. I had seen a review of it in Slap magazine so I sent $10 to the address they printed and crossed my fingers. "You should never mail cash. Someone will just steal it!" the Point Blank cat informed me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was already 20+ calls deep to Video Graff trying to get them to send me my damn tape (and that was a money order!). Sometime after the phone conversation, a package arrived from Point Blank that included this tape and an issue of the mag. The tape features a few different radio appearances from Kev Sakoda's Downlow show. The Artifacts take up the entire A side while the B side has appearances by Rass Kass and Aceyalone. I remember going to see The Artifacts in Santa Cruz back around this time with Common Sense, The Beatnuts and Organized Konfusion. The Artifacts didn't show, but while one of the wack openers was struggling through his set, a completley unnanounced Aceyalone jumped up on stage and proceeded to rip this kid a new one before devouring him alive. The place exploded. The Downlow show is still on the air. You can catch it every Saturday on KSPC 88.7FM.

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