Sunday, December 21, 2008


After way too many headaches caused solely by constant fuck ups on the part of the pressing plant, the Grand Invincible "Purse Thieves" 12" is finally done! It contains 3 songs from last year's "Ask the Dust" album plus bonus instrumentals and an accapella. Remember when 12"'s had cool shit for the DJs??? All the tracks can be heard on our myspace page. We have a record release party in SF on January 23 at House of Shields. Strike through if you are in the area. We'll have limited versions of the 12 at the show. For those who can't wait or live out of town, I'm doing some direct mailorder and So Far West also has copies in stock. Anyone who can help with distro, get in touch! We should have em in all the local stores by the end of January. The 2nd album "Cold Hand in the Dice Game" has been mixed by the almighty Hiro Matsuo at the Cornerstore and is awaiting mastering. Expect it's release in early '09.

New mailorder link: